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The Dugout

1st October, 2004. 3:31 pm. usa softball!!(__remember_me__)

Hey everyone.

I recently made a new community for everyone who loves softball and team usa that recently went to Anthens and won the gold medal, again!

so everyone should come and join!



(sorry if I am not aloud to me promoting my community, you may delete this post.)

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30th September, 2004. 8:29 pm.(__remember_me__)

hey everyone, I am new here.My name is Ashley and I am 15 and a sophomore in high school. I have been playing softball forever, it is my life. I have been playing since I could remember! I play left, and center field and also catch, but I rather play outfield then catch, I love the outfield! I bat either clean up or somewhere they need power.I made varsity my freshman year and stated my first game against our rivals, and I played every game, I either was starting outfield or DP. My freshman year I hit two homeruns and made 2nd team MCAC, I also letterd.My number is 23 and 13, they are my good luck numbers,I also do other things for good luck, like wear my wrist band or I dont step on the line when I run on or off the fields and do I do certian streches before I bat. I want to go to LSU to play softball. After all of that I hope to play in some pro team, the NPF would be awesome!

Current mood: sore.

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9th August, 2004. 11:25 pm. Help(queenofhearts05)

I know there hasn't been a lot of updates from me and I'm sorry but I'm just in need to promotion help, because I can't do this on my own :(. Anyone that would like to be a co moderator please let me know asap, first come first serve.

Ta for now

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9th August, 2004. 7:43 pm. a softball community is a awsome idea(xwnt_2_b_lovedx)

hey my names shelby im 14 and i live in downey. i love to play softball, ive been playing for about 9 years and i play second base. im currently not playing on any softball team but i just finished playing on the downey all-stars. i like the idea of a softball community n ill tell everyone about it. well im out, bye

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9th August, 2004. 7:17 pm.(_allineedisyoux)

hey well yeah i play sftball hey maureen lol...
ohhh and i can make a layout thingy 4 the community if u want just IM me and tell me or comment k bie bie oh mah name is kaci

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4th August, 2004. 10:50 pm.(im_ur_redhead)

WOW i just saw this on somebodys lj and i got all excited. Softball is my life. Its the only sport that i played and actualy liked. I think this community is a GREAT idea! I just finished all stars and now im gonna start winter ball soon. Alot of my friends play it and thats how i met some of them. Ive been playing since i was about 10 so 5 years. I know it doesnt seem that long but im a natural at it i was meant to play it. Well Im out. Good luck with this community..:) peace out

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10th July, 2004. 11:56 am.(midnyght_love)

A softball community? What a great idea! :D I hope more people join, this would be fun as all hell with a large community :O

Anyhow, introductions:

My name is Jenny, I live in the Detroit area. I've been playing since I was five years old, not softball of course - but anything dealing with the sport of baseball. I started out with t-ball, then went on to hardball, then slow-pitch softball, and now I'm playing fast-pitch. Out of them all, fast-pitch is my love. It's so great, everything about it just makes me happy.

I'm the starting pitcher for my highschool team. I've been pitching for four years now. I've mostly improved in the last year, I even got the "Most Improved" award at the end of last school season. I'm proud of what I've accomplished, though as any softball player..I'm always looking to get better. I think my improvement has had a lot to do with my catcher. She's the best in our league, I have no doubt about that. She's the only catcher I've ever been able to pitch a no-hitter to. Somehow it seems as though there is some kind of pitcher/catcher bond between us, it's really strange. If there are any pitchers out there, do you know what I'm talking about? or am I just out of my mind? XD Heh..anyhow.

My Varsity coach hadn't let me bat last year because he didn't think that was my strong point, I was just pitcher..nothing more, nothing less. Now in summer league, he decided to let me try it out. I've been up to bat four to six times so far, and have hit it each time..I'm not too sure how not batting for a year can make you improve, but somehow - I did? Maybe he'll let me bat during my senior year now, I'm hoping :)

I can never shut up when it comes to softball, this is why any journal entries I make about it end up being novels xD

Is there any piece of equiptment any of you are mortally attached to? My favourite possession is my glove, I've had it since '98. It's too short, as I used it when I was 11 for hardball - but I won't let it go. It's broken in to what I consider perfection and the pocket it worn, but I think that just makes me love it all the more. Yum.

I best be off before I really bore all of you XD Ciao!


banner help :X

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9th July, 2004. 11:00 pm. Hey All(one_crazy_chica)

Hey Girls-
I'm 13, play fastpitch softball, and I'm the catcher. I play for Sunnyvale Metro in California... and yea. Tommorow I have a game, and if we lose were out of All-stars well just wanted to do introduce myself... wish us luck


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8th July, 2004. 4:43 am. First post - Really test post(queenofhearts05)

Well so far only one person besides myself has joined. Trying to make this seem active in some way.

Made these banners not too long ago so hopefully they will work and I can make come more. I need to publize as much as possible to get people to join.

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